Where to Buy


Green Zebra
Cherry Sprout
People's Coop
Food Front Coop
P's & Q's
Food Fight!
Bread and Roses Market
Bottles and Cans 
Wellspent Market
John's Marketplace
Belmont 34 Grocery
Know Thy Food

PDX Airport

Tender Loving Empire Concourse D & E


Hollywood Theater (on tap!)
Clinton Street Theater

Bars, Clubs and Venues

Baby Ketten Club
Musique Plastique
Turn! Turn! Turn!
FISK Gallery
Uptown Beer Co
Party Bar (Eugene)
The study by Foreland beer
Cascadia Taphouse
Donnie Vegas
Neighbors Taproom
Raindrop Taphouse
45th Parelell Wines

Restaurants / Cafes

Rad Magic Subs
Ranch Pizza
Spielman Bagels
Guilder West (in Powells Bookstore)
Wilder Cafe
Spielman Bagels
Kainos Coffee
SymbiOp (garden center)
Tried and True Coffee
Fresh Love
Extracto Coffee
Ripe Cooperative


And many more!

see map for details

Maté Party is a simple and delicious sparking yerba maté made in Portland, Oregon. It's brewed with whole leaves never extract (not common in the tea industry-- tho we wish it was!) in small batches and balanced with a squeeze of citrus. Maté Party comes in Original with a pinch of sugar and Unsweetened — just yerba and lemon, this one's for the heads!

"Holy Sh*t, this stuff's great! We were all getting tired half way through the show. [Maté Party] totally saved the party!


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