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How Do I Pronounce Maté Party?

Maté (Mah-Tay) Party. In english yerba mate is spelled with either an accent over the e or without.

Most yerba mate is grown in Argentina where they spell yerba mate with no accent over the e.

We have chosen an accented é for the brand name Maté Party for ease of pronunciation for english readers, but we refer to the tea itself in the traditional way "yerba mate".

Is Maté Party kombucha?

Simply put: No!

Yerba Mate is a tea in the holly family. Maté Party is not fermented like kombucha, but instead brewed just like tea! It has natural caffeine and other antioxidents just like tea as well. We then add lemon, carbonate it and pop it into a can for you to enjoy.

Where Can I buy Maté Party?

We are now selling Maté Party online! We will deliver directly to your door (if you live in Portland). Visit our store for more details

And here is an up to date list of retailers that carry Maté Party!


Market of Choice
Cherry Sprout
People's Coop
Food Front Coop
Food Fight!
Bread and Roses Market
Bottles and Cans 
Wellspent Market
John's Marketplace
Belmont 34 Grocery
Know Thy Food

PDX Airport

Tender Loving Empire Concourse D & E


Clinton Street Theater

Bars, Clubs and Venues

Baby Ketten Club
Musique Plastique
Turn! Turn! Turn!
FISK Gallery
Uptown Beer Co
Party Bar (Eugene)
The study by Foreland beer
Cascadia Taphouse
Donnie Vegas
Neighbors Taproom
Raindrop Taphouse
45th Parelell Wines

Restaurants / Cafes

Rad Magic Subs
Lottie & Zula's
Spielman Bagels
Guilder Coffee (in Powells Bookstore)
Bernstein's Bagels

Kainos Coffee
SymbiOp (garden center)
Tried and True Coffee
Fresh Love
Extracto Coffee
Ripe Cooperative

And many more!

see map for details

Can I mix it with alcohol?

Yes! It mixes well with almost any liquor, from vermouth, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, the list goes on. Our favorite is gin!

Kick your redbull and vodka to the curb and try our favorite new cocktail.

1.5oz gin on ice

Top with a can of Maté Party

Garnish with a lemon sqeaze or mint sprig. Get fancy with a lemon/sugar rim

That's it! It's honestly delicious. Try it

How are you helping the fight against global warming?

We are deeply concerned about the future of our planet. Because of this every decision we make at Big Fun Beverages is through the lens of care. From our organic ingredients to how we package our beverage (we choose aluminum over glass) to how treat our waste product (oh you know we compost!), and who we choose to work with (local, local, local).

But it extends further than just our project. While we are still a young company, our mission includes spreading some money around to folks who make a difference. 

We are taking action by supporting and donating to Sunrise Movement PDX, a youth lead climate action group whose chapter is based in Portland. The Sunrise Movement is motivating youth around the world to get involved in climate action with a goal of making the planet healthier and safer for everyone. 

We also love the work Elakha Alliance is doing to protect the sea otters who in turn keep the sea urchin population in check so we can strengthen the health of our kelp forest. (Did you know kelp grows faster than bamboo, and does an incredible job in carbon sequestration? it also provides habitat for sea life, and is a natural buffer for big waves). 

As we grow so will our donations, because we want the party to go on and on and on and on.

Is this like Club-Mate?

In a side-by-side taste test with Club-Mate Maté Party comes out on top every time! Plus its local! It's hard to get Club Maté in the United States right now that isn't expired.

Maté Party is similar to Club Mate because they are both yerba mate sodas. But Maté Party uses real tea, lemon and sugar, while club-mate's ingredients are tea extract, citric acid, carbonic acid, and inverted sugar syrup. The syrup makes it a lot sweeter and the acids tend to give off a chemical flavor instead of lemon. Although we LOVE and truly are inspired by Club-Mate, we wanted a simpler tasting product where the tea can shine without covering it with other flavors.

Celiac, Keto, Whole30 friendly?

Maté Party is naturally gluten free, but it is made in a facility that sometimes uses wheat. That being said, the stainless steal vats are thouroughly cleaned before use, and there is no beer or other contaiminents being produced on the same day we brew.

Unsweetened Maté Party is keto and Whole30 friendly! There are 10g of sugar per can in the Original flavor.

Is Yerba Mate Healthy?

Yerba Mate contains 3 xanthines: caffeine, theobromine, andtheophylline. Xanthines are mild stimulants which increase your alertness recall memory as well as bronchodilators which relax your airways.

Many people report being in a better mood after drinking yerba mate.